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Windowhoist 260A window hoist from MultiHejs® lightens your workload! If you are tired of heavy lifting when installing windows, please contact us to learn more about our windowhoist.See product
Vinduesløfter 260​
Windowhoist 180 SMH180S, is designed for window mounting from scaffolding.See product
Vinduesløfter 180 S​
Portal-LiftThe Portal-Lift is a simple and lightweight hoisting device for mounting skylights from the outside. The Portal-Lift is easy to use and can be quickly set in the next window.See product
Out-LiftWith a windowhoist for installation of skylights from MultiHejs, the task is solved simply and safely. The window hoist can be used for all types of skylights and can lift up to 80 kg.See product
Windowhoist 150​A window hoist from MultiHejs® lightens your workload! If you are tired of heavy lifting when installing windows, please contact us to learn more about our windowhoist.See product
Vinduesløfter 150​

A window hoist from MultiHejs® lightens your workload!

Tired of the heavy lifting involved in installing windows?

The MultiHejs hoist is designed to be used by window fitters, joiners, glaziers and others who work with glass and who hoist windows at ground level or using scaffolding.

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​See our window hoists in use

Setting up and using our window hoists could not be more user-friendly, and it saves time and reduces work-related accidents. See how simple it is here!​

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5 good reasons to choose a window lifter from MultiHejs®

  • High level of safety, decrease heavy lifting work and reduce the number of work-related accidents.
  • Can be used from scaffolding or at ground level.
  • ​Available for general window installation and skylight installation.
  • ​Save man-hours and money through high efficiency.
  • ​Meets The Danish Working Environment Authority´s regulations for heavy lifting.

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User-friendly window lift with easy setup

If you want to make the installation of windows more efficient, then window lifters from Multihejs are the solution. Our extremely user-friendly window lifts ensure that window mounting can be done easily and simply by just one man.

With a low dead weight and setup that can be done in less than 5 minutes, you get started quickly and safely with the work. Watch our demo video and experience how fast and easy it is to install windows with a window lifter.

By using a window lifter for the heavy lifts, you not only spare your colleagues and employees, you also get a tool that can make the window installation go much faster, and therefore you also save time on your tasks.

Make the work easier with a window lift

It is incredibly important that the assembly work takes place safely so that work injuries are avoided. Therefore, all window lifters from Mulithejs of course also meet the stricter requirements from the Danish Working Environment Authority, regarding heavy lifting in the workplace.

Once you have tried our window lifter, you can not do without it again. It will be your most important tool when installing windows in the future. And with models for every need, you are well covered no matter what task you are going on.

Our window lifters can be used from scaffolding and terrain, as well as be your faithful companion in connection with the installation of ordinary windows as well as skylights.

Contact us to hear more about our window lifters and what they can do for you.

Installation instructions

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16 anmeldelser

I cannot recommend the MultiHejs hoist highly enough. It is now much easier to work as a one-man operation with jobs that involve replacing windows. Another clear advantage is that it does not take up much space in the car. To make a long story short: it's worth every penny.

In connection with a major renovation involving the replacement of windows and doors, we made the choice to use the MultiHejs hoist.
The MultiHejs hoist has proved to be a sensible choice for us. It works and is easy to operate.
We have been extremely pleased with our MultiHejs hoist!

We have just bought a MultiHejs Hoist, and subsequently tested it on a renovation project where various windows were replaced. Our tradesmen were extremely satisfied with the hoist which has proved to be a great help both when working on the ground floor and on a scaffold. We highly recommend it!

We have been using MultiHejs Hoists (4 items) for the past 2 years now on a renovation job in Farum Midpoint and will continue to use 2 of the hoists for another year yet. They operate without any problems and are very easy to handle and use. Our tradesmen have been extremely satisfied with the MultiHejs Hoist which is a great help when installing windows and large double glazed windows.

I have now used a MultiHejs hoist for several window jobs, and after the first short while getting used to it, I have been really happy with my new “buddy”.

It is really easy to handle and also easy to transport. An investment which I highly recommend to other professionals in the business.

A product we were not familiar with previously has become a success with many of our customers. We have now ordered our third MultiHejs hoist. It is perfect for mounting windows both from the ground and from a scaffold.

We have just purchased a MultiHejs hoist and so far, we have only tried it out on one window replacement, but we expect great things of it. We have a current building project involving the installation of windows and prefabricated elements, and this is where we can see there will be numerous opportunities to use the MultiHejs Hoist.

We have been using the MultiHejs Hoist virtually every day for over a year. We have not experienced any problems with it and it is a great help when handling large, heavy items. Our experience demonstrates that it can also be a great help when dismantling existing elements and large double glazed windows.

Vi har lige monteret 80 vinduer på Herlufholm Kostskole der vejede 126 kg. pr. stk. med hejset, som vi lige har erhvervet vil jeg påstå er det bedste der nogensinde er sket for vores branche, jeg har personligt monteret vinduer igennem 10 år og har altid løftet dem op i hullerne, med der til følgende ømhed og skader. På samme sag har nedriver lånt hejset og var også super glade, det er ganske enkelt genialt og burde være ved lov.

Vi har invisteret i en Multihejs, den fungerer rigtig godt, -også i praksis. Den aflaster svendene ved tunge løft. Kan helt klart anbefales! 

Jeg har lige købt en out-lift af Henrik fra Multihejs. Den er intet mindre end genial. Vægten er beskedne 14 kg og er meget handy. Den sku jeg ha købt for lang tid siden.
Hvis du vil undgå tunge løft ved Velux-udskiftning er dette den bedste løsning.