The idea originated in 2007

The idea behind MultiHejs ® originated in 2007 when I decided in to open my own carpentry business.

I quickly discovered that - when I was on site at customers - heavy windows presented a challenge that was too big for me to handle alone.

So there was a need for a proper hoist system, in the form of a window hoist that could be operated by one man alone and that, at the same time, would be easy to handle and transport.

Specially designed window hoists

Back then, there were no products that could fulfill my requirements in terms of a window hoist, so I ended up developing my own window hoist which could be erected in front the windows.

This was how MultiHejs® got started in 2009.

An innovative company with original ideas

Today, our company focuses on manufacturing effective tools that are designed to cope with heavy lifting, and besides a window hoist, we have also developed two types of lifts for installation of roof windows.

Our vision is that everyone should be given the opportunity to work in good working conditions, and that includes being able to use a glass hoist and window hoists. That is why we continue to develop new ideas and solutions for the industry.

If you have a task that cannot be solved using one of the current products, we will be happy to develop a solution to meet your needs. This includes not just windows, but also other types of hoisting.

​Our products can be used by everyone and are designed with the emphasis on safety, working environment and quality. Our window lifters, and other products, are all made of aluminum to minimize the weight during transport and handling.

In addition, all products are CE marked pursuant to the Machinery Directive.