Perfect for mounting skylights

The Portal-Lift is a simple and lightweight hoisting device for mounting skylights from outside.
In larger renovation projects, skylights can now also be mounted from the outside using the newly developed Portal Lift.

The Portal-Lift was designed to facilitate the installation of skylights from the outside, where scaffolding is used.

Can be adapted to "all" roof slopes

The Portal-Lift for installation of skylights, incl. frames/supports
The lift is constructed so that it can be customized to fit the pitch of any roof.
Once it has been set up, it can easily be moved to the next window using mounted platforms constructed of wooden slats.

​The top platform of wooden slats is secured using a lock fitting and then you are ready for the next installation.

The Portal is constructed so that it is adjustable in height and can fit any type of installation, whether it is carried out from the inside or outside.

Can lift the window from scaffolding or terrain

Can lift the window from the scaffolding or the ground to the installation point on the roof´s surface.
Windows are lifted using an electrical winch, the winch with or without the load is transported to the installation point via transportation rails. (gate rails)

The window can be lifted / raised using suction cups / a lifting arm or lifting-brackets.