Easily using our window hoist

At MultiHejs® we offer you a smart and highly efficient window hoist that lets you fit skylights quickly and easily using our window hoist.

This efficient Out-Lift hoist solves your tasks simply and safely.
Our quality guaranteed window hoist is designed to be used when fitting all types of skylights.

Window Lift can be easily operated by one man

Out-lift is a simple window lift, which can easily be operated by one man. The crane leg of the hoist is planted on the floor under the installed window frame, flat against the sloping wall above the window opening. The crane arm is then inserted through the window opening and hooked onto the crane leg mandrel. Then you simply mount the spindle and you are ready to hoist your skylight into place, without straining or twisting your back caused by heavy lifting. Our window hoist does the heavy lifting for you.

Our window hoist is made of aluminum and weighs just 14 kg, making it easy to transport. Conversely, this window hoist can lift up to 80 kilograms.

Why not contact us the next time you need a window hoist

If you have any questions about how to use a window hoist, or if you would like to hear more about our window hoists, then please do not hesitate to contact us. Just call us on tel.: 20 35 60 91, or send an email to multihejs@multihejs.dk.