Tired of the heavy lifting?

Tired of the heavy lifting involved in installing windows? Then you need a window hoist from MultiHejs®.
​Our window hoist is especially designed for window mounting and is an ideal tool for window joiners, glaziers and others who work with glass and window hoisting.

We produce window hoist which can be used by both major construction companies or small one-man operators. This means we have a glass hoist to suit any purpose.

Save time and money with a window hoist​

At MultiHejs®, you will enjoy extremely competitive rates and get exactly the window hoist that fits your needs. In addition, you will be saving yourself and your employees a great deal of heavy and cumbersome hoisting of windows and difficult to manage skylight fitting.

​You will, therefore, not only be investing in a smart and modern window hoist, but will also be improving working conditions for your staff, which ultimately means you will have a happier workforce with fewer days off due to sickness.

Thus, a window hoist contributes to more efficient work hours and is also easy to install, adjust and move. This translates into savings in financial and man-hour terms, and not only removes the burden of heavy lifting from you and your employees, but also improves the whole workflow.

Contact us for more information

​​If you need more information about our window and glass hoists, or want to contact us for a quote, call us on 20 35 60 91, or e-mail us at multihejs@multihejs.dk or use the contact form here on this page.